The whole idea of this website is to tell people that they can do it for themselves, however if you feel that you would really like to go to a practitioner there is a list of on the practitioner page, if you can't find one in your area(they're not all on the list) email metamorphosis4now@gmail.com with you details and I'll try to find you one. Be aware that a practitioner should support you and show you what to do but their eventual aim should be that you do it yourself. The whole idea of Meta is that you heal yourself, even if you attend a practitioner it's you who are healing you, the practitioner is just showing you or helping you to trigger the power within

                       ENJOY YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!

Robert St. John always said that it's very important to enjoy life, so,  have a laugh  or a few drinks , or your favourite food, or climb a mountain, or watch your favourite TV programme,  whatever makes you happy; forget the "should" and the "ought" as long as you're not doing actual harm to yourself or others it's fine ( if you do ever find yourself being sucked into very destructive behaviour just do your Creation Hand Symbol to help you not to enter into it, we're not talking about having a few too many drinks here we mean really destructive behaviour) HOW CAN METAMORPHOSIS CHANGE THE WORLD ?

Robert the founder said that if you tune in and start to live your life more creatively this will effect many, many people in a kind of ripple effect,  and also as more people tune in this will have  a cosmic effect. All our troubles personally and globally come from what Robert called The Separation of AFFERENCE and EFFERENCE (see relevant pages on this website) and as this situation is now changing we are moving towards a more creative way of being, this is one of the reasons the world is in such a state of chaos at the moment; as Robert said it's a schizophrenic situation all the old structures are beginning to break down but the new more creative way of being has not yet been established.It is important to note that the most important thing you have to do is to deal with your own issues it is not creative to try to deal with other issues unless you are paying attention to your own 'stuff' first and foremost (this means you and your primary relationships)


Robert St. John often used light as a tool to help him live his life, if you are scared, or facing a very difficult situation, as well as tuning in, use light, simply visualise yourself (or your family ,car, house etc.) surrounded by light. Robert once famously saved his house in Australia from a forest fire by surrounding it with light, all the other houses in the vicinity were burned.


You are a precious being so treat yourself as such, try not to abuse your body and brain by overworking them or neglecting them e.g lifting things that you know are too heavy for you, working far into the night, not bothering to eat etc etc, this does not mean that you should sit at home doing nothing, it simply means getting a balance and Meta will help you achieve this. Very often people who are Efferently orientated (see page on Afference and Efference) abuse themselves by overworking  and those who are Afferently orientated abuse themselves by neglect. 

         Eat well, treat yourself well and do things you enjoy, if you want to exercise pick something that you actually enjoy while you're doing it, not something that you feel you must do in order to get fit, Robert said that the exercise you enjoy is the right one for you.