ROBERT ST. JOHN  was unremarkable in his academic achievements in fact he had none. Born an only child in England on May 21st, 1914, of an English mother and a father whose identity she never revealed (St. John felt that his father was an Armenian doctor), St. John grew up in a branch of christianity called the Order Of The Cross. Vegetarianism and pacifism were part of the doctrine which he seemingly rejected when he joined the British Air Force during the second World War as a Wireless Operator. Posted in Belgium he spent much of his off-duty time in the war years strolling by and swimming in the surrounding freshwater lakes, with, by his account no real hardship and never seeing any action or a dead body during his time in service  After the war he went to live in London with his Aunt, Doris Moss, who practised the Bates System of eye sight training in Baker Street, It was here in the 1950's that he formed his basic premise; We create the stress in our eyes by the way in which we use them; and from this he formulated the philosophy and practice he went on to call Metamorphosis (taken from Metamorphosis The Blue Book  copyright Donna Armanasco)


Robert spent many years studying and observing the patterns of life  on this planet and the relationship between what he called Afference and Efference, he also looked to the time before this planet to explain the way we are, he had an amazing ability to see the pattern of things but he often said that this did not make him any better at the living of life, he was Afferently orientated (see page on Afference and Efference) but he said in later life that he became much more able to move into Efferent action when needed as he was  more balanced  (he also said that this made him become unpopular with some people).

 Robert spent many years exploring different healing arts and modalities in an attempt to find a means of enabling people to change their unconscious attitude of mind. He spent many years refining the practice of Metamorphosis which initially consisted of touching reflex points as well as using hand symbols, but in a talk in 1996  he said that he now only used the Creation Hand Symbol. He predicted that the practice of Metamorphosis would continue to grow and change, which it has and left it in the care of Donna Armanasco. Robert gave many talks in different countries and wrote a full body of work on the subject of Metamorphosis. He died in Italy on November 1st 1996. Some of Roberts writings and DVD's of some of his talks are available on



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