note; Afference =  Our non physical self/inner guiding principle/consciousness etc.                        

           Efference = Our physical self

            Creation = "Tuning into Consciousness and moving into creative action"

"Metamorphosis means a transmutation into a finer substance"

"There is far more fear and stress in the idea of action than in the action itself once we have come out from behind fear, and started upon action, action itself carries us along" (here Robert means the creative action that follows 'tuning in' not action for it's own sake)

"Metamorphosis  started with the observation that we are composed of two principles; a non physical one and a physical, one of which is the product of the other. The non-physical principle is a creator and it creates the physical self to  'live in' . How we handle these two is our problem and this is where Metamorphosis comes in. The practice of Metamorphosis enables us to become a creator and to handle the physical part creatively; in practice it becomes the finding of our own creativity"

"Deep within us is a centre, a nucleus, from which we have the potential of complete and absolute intelligence and functional ability. This nucleus is the individual consciousness " The principle of Metamorphosis is the ability to be able to "tune in" to this centre in the ordinary practice of life. We don't use much of it because we are a mass of diversionary blocks"

"The ability to change, to adapt and adjust according to the ever-changing moment is the art of being alive. Health of mind and body is the natural outcome of this ability"

"Out of one person changing due to Metamorphosis, you'll probably get about 50/100 up to 200/300 also changing also in a subtle sort of way comprehending what's happening; not very consciously but  unconsciously. So Metamorphosis is spreading."

"Metamorphosis is a means of re-educating the unconscious mind and of eliminating deeply seated influences of genetic, karmic and other sources"

"The illnesses of mind and body stem from the primary attitudes of mind created at conception"

"Metamorphosis heals at the most primary level, that of the principle of life within us. Metamorphosis does not "cure" it enables us to cresta a different attitude towards life and it is this. which alters our troubles, we cease to create illnesses."

"Metamorphosis is not a medical or a scientific approach to health and well-being, it is an understanding of the way in which we are influenced in our inheritance of the past, and the way in which this influence forms certain attitudes of mind at conception, which create an inhibition in our approach to life, modifying our development, both mentally and physically. It is the introduction of this inhibitory influence before conception which governs the outcome of our mental and physical well being." "Metamorphosis is a method which brings these "attitudes of mind" into the unconscious focus of the patient and enables them to be their own healer

"The illnesses of mind and body stem from the primary attitudes of mind created at conception "

"Where there is life there is an inner source of healing" " it is the light of life itself that produces change"

"What this is doing is creating a universal thought." (Metamorphosis"

"Metamorphosis is an overcoming of patterns not an over riding"

"Metamorphosis is not about enlightment or the new age movement, it is about life and getting on with the practice of it from within."

"Creation is gradually becoming the way in which we've got to learn to live if we're going to survive. We don't describe creation, we have to be it and to live it, it's something we have to know in ourselves" ( by creation Robert means tuning into Consciousness and then moving into creative action )

"Every cell of the body becomes a storehouse for all the stresses and negative memories of the past; not only of ones own life, but of karmic and genetic aspects. The nature of Metamorphosis treatment is that, in the process of creation, all aspects that are not compatible are cleaned out"

"There is no limit to age or to the severity of the trouble, it is the student who affects the change and it is the inner change that alters the attitude of mind which causes the illness of mind and body"

"Metamorphosis is open to everyone who wants to make a fundamental change in their way of living"

"In the case of very small children and babies, Metamorphosis can be applied by the parents of the child who act as a catalyst, yet it is the child's own inner principle of life which effects the change"

"The Creation Hand Symbol really brings the balance within us. It brings a harmony within us and it brings us into this one moment in time"

"This is not curative, this hand symbol, it affords change and change goes on eternally for us. If you want to be comfortable don't use it but if you want to get on with life and really get on with life then use it"

"By using the Creation Hand Symbol you can encourage your awareness of your Afference and your Efferent self will go forward with faith into what the Afference is trying to encourage you to do. So when you are trying to make a decision and your intelletual mind says that it is ridiculous, it doesn't make sense, then you will have the courage to follow the awareness of your Afference and by your Efferent actions you can grow."

"A symbol is something which only means what it is supposed to mean. It's really rather ridiculous as it doesn't mean anything else and it's not real in itself. But the thought pattern  that is created by a hand symbol creates the theme in consciousness of what it's supposed to mean." "Anything to do with Afference which is the non-physical self has to be expressed through some form of symbol" (talking about the Creation Hand Symbol)

"The Creation Hand Symbol is bringing Efferentism, which is action, into a relationship with Afferentism which is awareness.Afferentism on it's own has no action whatsoever, really on it's own and Efferentism has no guidance on it's own so they need to come together"