Metamorphosis in one sentence
Be open to change, Do Meta, Move into creative action

Doing Meta helps you to tune into Consciousness (your inner power, soul whatever you want to call it), this will  make you aware of what path to follow as well as helping to get rid of 'blocks' that are compromising your ability to be physically, mentally and emotionally well. 

This tuning in is not an intellectual kind of figuring out it's more of a gut feeling kind of thing, you tune in, listen to what it's telling you and move into creative action, (creative action doesn't always mean doing, sometimes it can be slowing down in some way), 

 Choose whatever way you prefer and  start off with tuning in for just 5/10 mins a day and see how you get on, you can do it for longer or shorter than this whatever feels right at the time. If you can't manage this do it while watching TV or whatever. 

Sometimes Meta works slowly and sometimes spectacularly quickly.

Remember to be open to the possibility of change.