Metamorphosis as a way of tuning into Consciousness was originally discovered by Robert St.John , Robert like many others had a unique insight into the human condition but unlike others he was able to develop a simple way to deal with it. Robert experimented with different therapies, eventually going with a system of touching reflex points on the feet, hands and head as well as using hand symbols in order to tune into Consciousness and in order to release the 'blocks' that inhibit us in living our lives as creatively as possible ; eventually towards the end of his life Robert realised that as Consciousness was now more available  than  before,  he could tune into it by just using the Creation Hand symbol, in 1991 he said ' the Creation Hand Symbol goes far deeper than working on the feet or any of the reflexes, it's since I observed the Creation Hand Symbol that I really got on the move, before that things moved very slowly so well I only do use the Creation Hand Symbol now I don't do my feet at all'. In 1991 he also said 'there is a supreme Consciousness always available, always there whether you use it or not'. Some years after Robert's death in 1996,  the Creation Hand Symbol 2  came into being (observed by Donna Armanasco) this embodies all that was in the first Creation Hand Symbol but also acknowledges the new availability of Consciousness,  among other things, new ways of tuning in have recently been observed by Donna and others