Robert St. John (1914-1996) developed Metamorphosis over many years, and shared it with many students. One student that Robert had a particular bond with and often referred to  was Donna Armanasco, like Robert, Donna experienced this work in a deep way and has an innate understanding of it. She also travelled and studied with Robert for many years. When Robert was unable to attend his first Irish seminar he asked Donna to speak on his behalf. Robert bequeathed his work to Donna and we are all grateful to her for accepting this bequest as it has often been and can still be very challenging. After Robert's death Donna made a huge contribution to the work of Metamorphosis by observing the Creation Hand Symbol 2, this symbol embodies the Creation Hand Symbol that was observed by Robert as well as the whole principle of Metamorphosis. Donna lives in Western Australia where she continues to observe and practice Metamorphosis