On this page - The Separation of Afference and Efference & Characteristics of an Afferently/Efferently Orientated Person

Robert St. john the founder of this work observed that all our problems are as a result of what he called the separation of Afference and Efference ( other religions,philosophies etc. have different versions of the story but it is basically just different explanations of the same thing )

AFFERENCE= What Robert called Afference has been called many things, Absolute Consciousness, God, The Non-Physical , Spirit etc. On a personal level it means your own inner guiding  principle/consciousness  and also whatever it is that makes you alive

EFFERENCE= What Robert called Efference has been called The Physical , Action,Substance, Mother Earth etc. On a personal  level it  means your physical self ( your body, brain, inherited genetic patterns etc.)

CREATION= Afference creates and Efference responds, Awareness and then action. the perfect dance between Afference and Efference



   As a person one is more orientated towards Afference or towards Efference, everyone is a mixture of both but more orientated towards one , you can usually tell what your orientation is by thinking of how you are under stress, if you are inclined to pull back/retreat then you are probably more afferently orientated and if you are more inclined to push forward you are probably more efferently orientated, one is not better  than the other, each has it's own problems , the ideal of course is to have a balance of the two and the Meta will help you achieve this 

                                                                                              When we are conceived our genetic and karmic patterns come into that first cell, whatever that is. it induces a predisposition to an afferent or efferent orientation


Efferently Orientated People relate to the action of life rather than it's principle.They like to push forward into life and to be actively involved in it, often engaging in a busy social life, sports etc. They are drawn to organisations and often to leadership positions and the spot light. They tend to encourage conformity, be outgoing and enjoy people. When under stress they project blame outwards and will lash out verbally or physically (unlike the Afferently Orientated who blame themselves); they tend to lack objectivity – to see only their own point of view, and to see things in terms of 'right' and 'wrong'; they also feel compelled to back their ideas with facts, 'proof' and action.This has been the cause of many religious and political tensions and wars. Efferently Orientated People have no problem with action their problem is that they are not 'tuned into' awareness so much of their action is not creative, they are full of energy and always ' doing doing doing'  but not actually improving their lives. Efferently Orientated Children are  well able to cope with life because luckily for them the structures of society are Efferent; they usually do well socially, in education, and in group activities; however, lacking awareness they can easily go down the wrong road. Efferently Orientated Children can sometimes feel a compulsion to verbally or physically attack a more Afferently Orientated Child, in this situation the children are subject to negative efference and negative afference respectively. Efferently Orientated Children benefit enormously from Metamorphosis as it will show them how to 'tune in' to awareness something they will have previously found difficult, but they must be allowed to choose for themselves whether to practice it or not. If the parent is doing Metamorphosis this in itself will help the child. In summary the Efferently Orientated Person  has plenty of action but lacks awareness, doing Meta will allow them to 'tune in' so that their action will be creative action

.What is the use of running when we are not on the right road  ( German proverb)

The Afferently Orientated Person relates to the principle of life rather than it's action. they are  inclined to pull back from life, to be more retiring, more shy, and to retreat from stressful people and situations and avoid confrontation, they tend to be objective in their approach to life and can see many points of view, they are often creative, non-linear thinkers and empathic. Sometimes the Afferently Orientated retreat within to such an extent that they do not notice what is going on around them or sometimes they can feel under attack from the world around them (the very nature of retreat can invite attack ). All through history the Afferently Orientated have been the victim of Efferent structures and people. The whole class structure has been based on Efference as dominant and Afference as subject. Afferently Orientated People usually have  a good awareness and ability to 'tune into consciousness' but lack the ability to go into action to improve their lives.The Afferently Orientated as children often find life very difficult as the structures of society and education are very Efferent. Afferently Orientated Children usually have a good understanding of the principles of ideas but are overwhelmed by the system of memorizing lots of data.They often find it hard to be in social situations/sports with lots of people and structure and prefer solo or small group situations; being self aware they are very aware of what they perceive to be their"shortcomings" ; trying to force them into situations that they cannot cope with "for their own good" will do them a lot of harm. Children often grasp Metamorphosis immediately but must be allowed to choose for themselves whether to practice it or not, if the child is put under pressure they will probably retreat even further.If the parent is doing Metamorphosis this in itself will help the child. sometimes an Afferently Orientated Child assumes an Efferent way of being in order to cope with life and this can last throughout life, but it is not a creative way of being and the price to pay is often illness. So in summary the Afferently Orientated have good awareness but lack action, doing Meta  will make them more balanced and they will find the action they need to improve their lives.


We all have both Afference (awareness) and Efference (action) no matter how extreme our orientation.The ideal is to find a balance so that you can tune into awareness and move into creative action all the time, but of course the reality is not so simple, our primary orientation as well as all our 'blocks' (genetic, karmic etc) compromise our ability to do this; there's no point in beating yourself up about this; keep doing Metamorphosis and in time you will get better, physically, mentally and emotionally,  YOU have the ability to improve your own life and to keep improving it indefinetely


Why is the whole man woman relationship thing so hard, well one of the problems  stems like all our problems from The Separation of Afference and Efference,  The Afferent/Efferent thing comes into every relationship and if you add in love, sex, etc it makes it all so much more complicated. Robert once said that once the whole 'in love' thing wears off if you don't genuinely like your partner then there isn't much hope for your relationship.

 THE SEPARATION OF AFFERENCE AND EFFERENCE                                                                 

Robert explained the separation of Afference and Efference using different allegories but put simply it is as follows

In the beginning Afference and Efference were one being and functioned entirely as one, events took place which separated them.( Robert said that he couldn't see what had caused the separation but that there must have been an intrinsic glitch in the original structure). When they separated Afference became the Guiding Principle/Consciousness and also life itself while Efference became the Physical. Thus  Spirit & Substance, Awareness & Action , God & Earth 

                                                                            Over time the effect of Afference as a Guiding Principle became more and more diminished as Efference turned away from it and became more and more authoratative , eventually afference went into abeyance, Afference was still present as life itself but it's ability as a Creative Guiding Principle was all but gone

                                                                                How did Efference cope without Afference it's guiding principle, well Efference had a memory of what Afference was, so it created an image/copy of what it thought Afference was, thus doctrines were born (this is all religions, philosophies, social & political structures, form, ideas,etc. etc.) In Metamorphosis we call this the doctrinal pattern. However this Doctrinal Pattern is not the same as having a truly absolute Consciousness guiding us. The separation of Afference and Efference is also what causes many of  the problems between the sexes 

                                                                                 Luckily Consciousness is now  more available to us than ever before; a cosmic change affecting all schools of thought and making Consciousness more available to us has come about. Robert and others observed a change beginning in the early 1960's , it gradually developed more and more and by the mid 1990's it was obvious that Afference had moved back into a position of authority. In 1991 Robert said that there is a supreme Consciousness now always available to us whether we use it or not. This is why Meta works so well now.

                                                                                     So why can't we tune in and make ourselves better in the twinkling of an eye, well this is because we are full of what we in Meta call "blocks" for example,  stuff that we inherited, the doctrinal pattern etc. etc. the list is endless, but as Robert said,with the aid of Meta we affect a change, not only on a personal level but ideally we could change the whole pattern of life. in 1996 Robert said that the whole theme of Afference as a creative guiding principle and Efference as a response to that creation is gradually increasing, however we're swinging back and over between this and the old way of being and it's a real schizophrenic situation which is creating a lot of chaos  (particularly for those stuck in Efference ) so we really need Meta to give us a balance